Letter of Introduction: Welcome to my World

February 7th, 2018

Dear, von Uhl


Larry J. Horney once said, “Give readers and writers pleasure with the gift of knowledge.” Sometimes it’s not about what kind of work you publish but, how impacting/knowledgeable it is. As a writer, if there is one thing I admire about my writing, it’d be how clear and truthful it is. At times I catch myself in daze of my thoughts and wonder how much writing can I get out, if I just grabbed a notebook and a pen.


During my freshman year of high school, my English teacher helped me realize how good of an writer I am. It was mid May, time for the portfolio unit, time students gathered together their best work. As a task, students were asked to choose their favorite piece and analyze it. I chose to analyze my Monologue piece. I was at a point in my life, where so much was going on. I was losing my sister to kidney disease, I was failing poorly in school, my parents were dealing with financial issues and I emotionally began to lose myself. I felt ready to just write up an eulogy for my mom to read at my funeral. Deep depression and if it wasn’t the lord who was my savior, it was definitely a pen and paper.

I’m excited for what this class holds for me, because I’ve always been interested in the social science field. My goal is to extend my thinking to a degree where I’m able to cope many different perspectives. As an business management major, I think it’s extremely important to be educated in the social science field. Not only will my character change, but I’d be given the opportunity to develop social and professional skills for the workforce and social life. Having an understanding about the world and the society that I live in, is extremely beneficial to me and those around me. With this given knowledge, I’ll have easy access to many opportunities.




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